Let’s Collaborate!

How can my knowledge and experience help your efforts?
Let’s Collaborate!

From organizing engaged focus groups to devising and implementing economic development policies and local business programs, I bring a beneficial perspective to your challenges.

Many of my opportunities were created for me by people who believed in my ability to create order out of chaos and bring the full measure of my efforts to the project. I am self-driven but also enjoy collaborating with others.

Being in the local movement for decades has given me the insight and perspective that only experience can provide. My background in business, entrepreneurship, sales, fundraising, marketing and branding brings a comprehensive approach and skill set to any project I undertake.


  • Program creation and implementation
  • Needs assessment studies
  • Local Governmental policymaking


  • Creating and building business alliances
  • Advancing local governmental policies
  • Marketing campaigns


  • Local business
  • Local Policy
  • Local community building

Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and do it.
Because what the world needs
is more people who have come alive.

—Howard Thurman


Awards & Accomplishments

Austin Independent Business Alliance

IEDC Award in Neighborhood Economic Development for the IBIZ Districts Program

Liveable City Award
for Local Economic Development

The Good Life Magazine

Austin Chronicle
Best of Austin Award

The Austin Business Journal

Newspaper Publishers Association
Most Improved Publications in the Nation

NPA Sweepstakes Award

Best In-depth Series

Graphic Design

South Texas Press Association
First Place Award for Advertising

“Rebecca has led the Austin Independent Business Alliance since it’s infancy, building a movement and brand to buy local, to put your dollars where year heart, your family, your friends and your community will benefit the most.  She is a fearless and tireless advocate for local culture, community and collaboration.  We need her now more than ever, strengthening the ties that bind business, community and culture.  We would have lost Austin without Rebecca’s 20 year labor of love at AIBA.”

—Bill Bunch. Director
SOS Alliance

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